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Originating in Germany, and becoming popular among UK home owners from the 1980s onwards, uPVC double glazed windows and uPVC doors are a familiar sight on streets up and down the country. One of the most popular types of double glazing installations, well maintained uPVC units can last for decades without much need for repair.


However, when they do need fixing, they require an expert’s touch. Here at Park Lane Window Services, we have been providing high-quality uPVC door and window repairs for the last thirteen years, ever since we started trading in 2005. Additionally, our team of uPVC experts have over thirty years of experience between them, so our clients in and around Hornchurch and Romford can rest easy, knowing that they have three decades of expertise put into every job.

Common uPVC door and uPVC window repairs

Aside from an obvious and glaring issue with your window – that is, a noticeable crack or break in the glass itself – there are several reasons that you might require uPVC door and window repairs on your property. Here are some of the more common ones:

Misted or steamy windows

Double glazed works because of a vacuum between the two panes of glass in your window unit, which is internally sealed. Should the seal break down, moisture in the air can get it, condensing on the inside of the window, and producing that misted, stippling effect.

Leaking windows

Nobody wants a leak in their house, but most uPVC door and uPVC window repairs involve some kind of leakage. It’s usually where the external seal connecting the glass unit to the uPVC frame has eroded over time, or was improperly installed. Whilst it can be distressed for the home owner, it is usually easy enough to reseal, using top-quality materials.

Draughty windows

If your uPVC window is creating a draft, it’s normally a sign of fallen hinges, which are easily resolved. With the opening sash no longer sitting flush against the window frame once it’s closed, air easily seeps through, robbing you of one of the main benefits of have uPVC windows in the first place: the heat absorption.

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Locks and door handles

Operated daily, it’s no wonder that a door handle might sometimes become loose, or fail to catch properly. When it comes to uPVC door repairs, it is often easier to replace the handles itself, before the locking mechanism also fails as a result.

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We are based in Hornchurch, offering uPVC door and uPVC window repairs to our clients here, in neighbouring Romford, and beyond, with a 24-hour call out available for emergencies. Free call out service between 8am – 8pm.

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