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Replace or Repair Double Glazed Units: Key Signs to Look For!

Here at Park Lane Window Services, we are experts in double glazed window repair and replacement. With winter settling in for the long haul, it’s as good a time as any to check your double glazed windows and doors for any signs of damage or deterioration. As we regularly tell our customers in Hornchurch and Romford, double glazing really comes into its own during the winter months, trapping the heat inside and keeping you and your family nice and cosy, no matter how bitter it might be outside.

Of course, if your windows have suffered damage in the build up to winter, you end up forgoing all those benefits and, the longer you leave it, the worse it’s going to get.

With that in mind, we present to you:

Key signs that you might need replacement double glazed units

Before we start, let us put your mind at rest. Double glazed window units, by their very nature, are hard-wearing, designed to give decades of effective service through all kinds of conditions. While these signs can certainly be indicative that you need replacement double glazed units, always rely on an expert opinion before getting yourself into a panic.

1. Leaking water

If water is making its way through your double glazed window, repairs might be in order, or even complete replacement double glazed units. Leaks normally occur if the weather seal around the window has failed in some way, or if the window’s drainage section has become blocked. Either way, leaking windows are not pleasant and need attention from a window repairs specialist before your house suffers lasting water damage.

2. Condensation

Condensation is the transformation of water vapour into liquid water when it comes into contact with a cold surface like – for instance – your double glazed window unit on a cold winter morning. Now, condensation on the outside of the glass is no great problem: it happens to everybody, especially in colder climates, and can be easily kept at bay with a dehumidifier or wiped down with a towel first thing in the morning.

Condensation that appears between the panes of glass is another matter entirely. This effect – commonly referred to as ‘misting’ – occurs when the internal seal around the two panes has somehow sprung a leak. Why is this significant? That cavity between your two window panes is vacuum sealed, with no air allowed in or out. This is the very thing that gives double glazing its insulating properties. Misting means that the cavity has become compromised, and will likely need a replacement double glazed unit.

3. Cracks and chips

While cracks in the glass may appear more dramatic than leaks and misting, they are often easier to deal with for the experienced double glazed window repairer. That does not make them any less important. If left unchecked, what starts as a simple double glazing repair ends up requiring a complete replacement double glazed unit.

If your windows and doors are exhibiting any of the above tell-tale signs, and you think you might need replacement double glazing units, give Park Lane Window Services a call today on 01708 459 291 or 07977 011 287. A member of our team will arrange for one of our window repair technicians to visit you and assess the extent of the damage for free.